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Music is an integral part of your child's total education. Many professionals actively play a musical instrument. Universities and places of employment prefer to see applicants who play music, because playing music indicates a well-rounded, educated individual with a creative mind. Mastering an instrument is one of the greatest demonstrations of focus and commitment.

Your Instructors - Johnny and Luna Bender

We are your instructors. We love music and we love teaching. we have taught private music lessons full time for seven years. We teach with a foundational approach. We don't skip ahead. We teach the rudiments; We make sure our students master each foundational concept before progressing to the next. Our students do very well, going to the top of their class, not only in music, but in all subject areas, because the concepts we teach not only make your child a great musician, but apply to all areas of education.

We teach a new concept / technique each week, and we focus like a laser and refine that concept or technique so the student masters the skill. After one year, the student has mastered fifty-two concepts, including both physical technical ability on the instrument, as well as foundations of music theory. After four years of lessons in our studio, your son/daughter will be an accomplished player on the instrument, with sight-reading skill and proper technique.


Each semester, we prepare each student for a formal recital, held with all the students. Your child will prepare a performance piece appropriate for your child's capability level, and perform that piece for all the students and their parents.

The recital is a necessary part of not only instrument learning, but general education. The experience your child will acquire by participating in the recital is priceless. Your child will learn the social skills necessary to conduct him/herself in front of a group, and will learn to work through the jitters of nervousness and present with confidence and poise, which is one of the core skills of leadership in general.

The skills your child learns in my studio apply to all areas of life, and will serve your child well.

Join our Studio

We have been private music teachers for seven years. Our studio is called Bender Conservatory. The word "studio" refers collectively to us, our instruction, all our students, and the place where students learn, which is equipped with the necessary instruments, equipment, and learning materials of the highest quality for the educational process.

We established Bender Conservatory in 2014, teaching private music lessons. Our studio quickly grew, and we expanded by adding a children's chorus and symphony orchestra, which are on hold at this time.

Registering your child for music lessons is one of the best way to augment your child's education. Call us today, and register your child for music lessons. We welcome you to our studio. Ages seven and up.

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